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  • Initial Sourcing and Identification of the development site based on viability, community strength, proposed use, and surrounding demographics

  • Determine the initial Investment thesis and project approach

  • Provide preliminary zoning review, confirmation and development/intensity parameters

  • Provide preliminary underwriting to confirm project approach including unit mix, rates, revenue & expense assumptions, yield on cost, internal rate of return, operating margin, lease-up assumptions, soft costs, hard costs, and overall project budget.  

  • Draft Letter of Intent and Offer structure outlining initial terms, timing, conditions, etc.

  • Provide input and comments for Request for Proposal (RFP) content, structure, and layout.

  • Provide comments on Purchase and Sale Contract, development agreement, etc. and provide recommendations for the negotiation of terms and conditions (if requested).


  • Zoning – Review and provide input on zoning approach, including input, questions, comments on proposed land use including zoning, municipal code, ceqa, density bonus, RHNA, entitlement process, opposition groups, etc

  • Engineering Feasibility - Prepare scope for engineering feasibility studies including sewer capacity, utilities, drainage, utility will serve letters, etc.   Recommend consultant.  Solicit proposal from consultant, review proposal and recommend any changes.    Review and summarize results and implications on proposed development.

  • Prepare scope and solicit proposals for Geotechnical, Phase I & II, Acoustical, Traffic, WQMP, Property Tax, and ALTA studies.

  • Site Planning - Provide input on site planning & density study, including zoning, far, lot coverage, height restrictions, unit mix and amenity programming.  Review site plan for construction cost implications and impact on economic feasibility.  

  • Market Study - Prepare scope for market study.   Recommend consultant.  Solicit proposal from consultant, review proposal and recommend any changes.  Review and summarize results and implications on proposed development including primary market area, proposed competitive properties, penetration rates, community rental and care rates and occupancy.

  • Title Review – Review preliminary title report.  Flag any issues that will impact or prohibit site development including any liens, encumbrances, easements, right of ways, etc.

  • Legal land use opinion – Review and provide input, questions, comments on proposed land use including zoning, municipal code, ceqa, density bonus, RHNA, entitlement process, opposition groups, etc.  Recommend land use attorney if requested.

  • Construction budget - Provide general contractor recommendations if requested.  Provide proforma and underwriting updates based on site planning product type, unit mix, programming, specifications, materials, etc.

  • Underwriting – Provide overall project budget and proforma updates including soft costs, hard costs, revenues, expenses, etc.

  • A&E consulting budgets.  Solicit proposals from consultants for use in developing project soft cost design and engineering budget.

  • City Submittal – Coordinate and assist with the Preliminary Project Review Package creation and submittal (if required during due diligence), which includes architectural site plan, preliminary water quality management plan, environmental study initial form, signage plan, elevations and renderings, material boards, site photos, noise study, Geotech, traffic, will serve, development agreements, etc.

  • City Meetings/Neighborhood Groups – Coordinate, prepare materials, assist with presentations, and attend meetings with the City and Neighborhood Groups (if required during due diligence).


  • Interface directly with Client to define project requirements. Prepare scope of work, project delivery resource requirements, cost estimate & budget, work plan schedule & milestones, and risk identification.

  • Recommend and oversee the hiring of key consultants to achieve project design and entitlement goals.

  • Work with Client team to assess the impact and feasibility of proposed project conditions, mitigations, and concessions necessary to achieve project entitlement.

  • Assist with the development of the community outreach strategy.

  • Assist with the implementation of alternative development scenarios for analysis of risk factors and potential return based on changing market conditions, project design, city requirements, etc.

  • Review and challenge consultants on design recommendations, layout, product types proposed for maximum yield, design and cost effectiveness.

  • Coordinate with consultants including architects, engineers landscape architects, soils and environmental engineers, and other consultants in preparation of required development applications and approvals

  • Assistance in the preparation and filing of the project application based on anticipated entitlement issues, required technical studies, and appropriate components of the CEQA environmental analysis (if required).

  • Coordinate, manage and resolve City staff issues during the City review (screen check) and approval process of all components necessary to achieve project objectives.

  • Work with neighbors and community, if necessary, to identify and address issues raised.

  • Assist with the preparation for pre-hearing briefings and attendance of all City meetings and hearings.


  • Assist in oversight of the design and budgeting of "hard" and "soft" cost items, including conceptual planning, final construction documents and development cost estimates; collaborate with the Construction and Development teams to support cost-effective project design.

  • Track project documents including discretionary and non-discretionary approvals, agency releases/declarations/determinations, easements, covenants, tract maps, construction documents, A/E design and engineering plans and specifications, contract/change orders, closeout documentation.

  • Monitor progress of construction of site development specific improvements such as, but not limited to, demolition, grading operations, wet utilities, dry utilities, street improvements, SWPPP/erosion control measures and on-going clean-up.

  • Identify consultants and prepare and negotiate contracts and contract scopes for all consultants involved in the design and construction process.

  • Participate and coordinate of conceptual, schematic, design development, and construction drawings among consultants (architect, landscape, civil, structural, MEP, interior designer, low voltage, waterproofing, acoustical, fire protection) and ensuring implementation of project programming, and attention to cost management.

  • Manage the approval and permitting phase of the development/construction period/process.

  • Monitor the bidding, negotiation and construction contract process, general contractor, sub-contractor, and vendor performance during construction phase.

  • Interface with Construction Management and GC to review and evaluate Hard Costs, Budgets, Change Orders, Schedules, RFI’s, Submittals, Value Engineering, and Quality.

  • Communicate project status to project participants and stakeholders throughout the project to ensure critical components are not missed and risks are identified.

  • Ensure all conditions of approval are adhered to and implemented into the project.

  • Attend weekly on-site construction meetings with general contractor to review project progress, schedule, changes, and budget.

  • Work closely with operating, marketing, and leasing teams to ensure smooth transition of property from the construction team, property is ready for occupancy, and turnover to ensure successful lease-up of the project to stabilization.

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